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Africander resources

Okay, in my job I get a lot of email alerts to new online publications and there are quite a few which may prove useful for people researching for ludditerobot's Africander ficathon. So I'm going to compile them all here. This is in no way exhaustive at all, it's simply what I'm getting in my "New Journals Alert" emails every day.

African Security Review - Freely accessable online 'multidisciplinary review journal that publishes articles on the spectrum of human security issues, including security sector transformation, civil-military relations, crime, justice and corruption, small arms control, peace support initiatices, conflict management, as well as aticles dealing with the interplay between economics, politics, society and culture and human security and stability'.

Mmegi Botswana's only independent newspaper.

Africa & Asia: Goteberg Working Papers on Asian and African Languages and Literatures

African Sociological Review (Only abstracts are freely available - full text access is subscription based)

Refugees Magazine - freely availble, not primarily African in focus but it is a UN publication.

Afrikanistik Online "Afrikanistik Online is a multilingual peer-review e-journal that represents African Studies in the sense of Diedrich Westermann: The people are always in the focus of research." (Open Access - meaning it's free for research purposes. Multilingual, principally French from the look of it)

Africa Confidential - Subscription based but special reports are freely accesable and abstracts are available.

ABYZ African newspapers links - sorted by country.

Swahili Forum "Swahili Forum invites scholars and writers to submit papers on all aspects of Swahili language, culture and society aswell as book reviews pertaining to these topics. "

liz_marcs is also compiling a list of resources here!
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