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It's a miracle!

I can see!!!!


Got my glasses yesterday - when I went in to pick them up the girl was trying to make sure they fit my face properly and I didn't want to take them off... Anyway, I have them, they're cute, and the nosepad thingies are too tight. I forgot how 'new' new glasses feel!

I kinda went on an icon kick last night but they were all either for friends or for contests so I have none to share just yet - however I will be making more over this week which I can share! And I will be closing the voting on zeppo_stillness and making banners today. I think I'll be putting that comm on a mini-hiatus until after Christmas, either that or have an extended 'festive' challenge... actually, I may just do the latter.


If you're interested I've updated the Africander resource list with a few more journals.

Now I'm off to go find some screencaps and/or promo pics which have a wintery feel to them for this ZS challenge...

ETA - looking for some cooking tips. I'm making a starter for a Christmas meal at sister's house. I want something that will be really tasty, damned impressive, and that I can make in my own house and take up there. Problems - my niece is really allergic to cheese and I'd like to steer clear of dairy because of that, my sister is an insanely picky eater who doesn't like 'fancy' things (like hummous. Apparently that's 'fancy'), and my 'brother in law' thinks he's the best cook ever (he makes French Onion Soup which looks like cat pee). I'm a good cook, not great but good. I have no problem working with pastry or even with the more unpleasant cuts of meat (my Grandad was a butcher, I'm used to pig's feet and sheep's heads), I'm perfectly happy to make more 'advanced' recipes.

So, anyone got any suggestions?
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