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Never rains but it pours...

So after just spending a scary amount of money all in one go at the opticians, guess what? I'm going to be spending at least that much again at the dentists... I don't have *bad* teeth, they're all straight (and have been all my life) but when I was a teenager one of my little rebellions was not taking care of my teeth so I have a lot of fillings (and one crown). Two fillings came out last year but they weren't causing pain or discomfort and I never bothered getting them fixed.

Still not causing me pain, but another filling came out this morning. Between my two front teeth. I now have a gap between those teeth wider than Madonna's...


I *really* hate the dentists! (In fact it's been so long since I've been that I doubt I'm still on their books any more which means I'll have to re-register and hope they're still taking on NHS patients!)

I kinda haven't done anything I was planning to do last night - I closed voting on ZS but don't have banners done, I ddin't do the beta work for smhwpf I was planning to do, I didn't finish the post I started yesterday on _dontcomehome_, I didn't add anything to the ongoing post on _inthedarkness, I didn't get the site I'm building for a mate finished despite him sending me all the details I asked him for, I didn't do any organising for the Secret Santa at work that suddenly I'm organising again...

Lethargic is probably the word for what I was last night. Cold and grumpy are the words for today I think.

So yeah, I can't get an appointment. And the woman on the phone was a bitch about it. Kinda pushed me over the edge a little so I'm not going to be worth much for the rest of today.
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