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I am lameness personified. Either that or I'm getting old. It's not even 9pm yet and I'm sitting in my PJs thinking seriously about making a cup of tea (lemon and ginger - throat's a little raspy) and heading to bed.


Still no joy with getting a dentist appointment, the bitca on the phone first thing actually put me off speaking to people all day so I didn't really push for an appointment. Will be doing lots of ringing around tomorrow because I've discovered this is making me lisp a little and when I answer internal calls with "Hello, Serials department, Shona speaking." you can imagine how irritating that is getting...

Oh! Before I forget - smhwpf - I will have your beta back to you first thing in the morning - I was working on it at tea break and had it saved to my work computer and then neglected to email it to myself to finish at home. Sorry!

Did some RPGing today again, finally got one of the scenes in _inthedarkness finished off and we now (I think?) have a definite goal in mind for the group. Plus, I'm working on a two-person RPG which I'm currently writing both parts for (it's schizophrenically fun!) only I think those guys kinda took over. Somehow or other I've managed to get them to Roswell in July 1947. Yeah... _dontcomehome_  I really don't know where that one came from!

Still no banners for ZS - I think I'll take my laptop into work tomorrow and try to get some template ones done over lunch!

And before this turns into another scary to-do list, I'm going to go make that tea...
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