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Smile Time

Especially for smhwpf here's my thoughts on Smile Time (latest Angel ep to air), since I know a few of you reading this might not have seen it yet I'm going to try out the LJ cut thingy so click on the link to read on!

what can I say? Angel as a muppet?! I loved this episode! Okay, so it was filler material, okay so they didn't once touch on the fact that Cordy's dead and the "Tiny Texan" is gone (is it for good? I doubt it!) but this episode was fabulous!

The return of this season's blonde to tempt Angel away from the solitary life in the penthouse apartment, pretty convincing I guess but I'm bored with this story now (to tell the truth I was bored with it in season three of Buffy!)

Angel as a muppet, how on earth they came up with that concept I'll never know... oh wait, I read a fanfic about a year ago which had Barney as a demon who sucked the lifeforce out of the kids watching and drove the parents mad. Sound familiar? I so wish I could remember where I found that fic!

Loved the scowl, the badly fitting shirt and the fact that his nose came off! So funny!

Best part of the episode had to be when Gunn and Lorne went to see the creator of the show and there's David Fury sitting there with a muppet's hand through his back! ("I think he wants to talk to the hand..." ROFLMAO!")

And the ending, Wes able to read all the signs except the neon ten foot high ones coming from Fred - poor guy! So the kiss, you just know something's going to happen and one or both of them are going to end up dead or evil... *g*

Okay, I'll be watching the next episode soon as well so I'll stic a review up here once I have!

Right, off to re-read my latest challenge fic to see if it's postable yet...
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