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Looking for my fandom ships meme?

Looking for the 70 Questions entries to naol's challenge?

Okay, back to real life... I have two more characters in my head demanding to write their answers to the questions. I may have to submit - they're kinda scary! edit Phew! Someone else has claimed one of the ones I was going to do - what a shame! Although... I might still do it, just to see if I can capture the voice) end edit

Now, I have a question (and a suggestion I guess) for those involved in the challenge/impromptu ficathon/madness that is the 70 questions thing - would you be willing to have them all archived in one place? As in, not just on LJ but on a specific site made for the purpose? (With links back to the LJ entries for feedback?) edit I've created a site. I'll wait to hear back from more people before I give out the address, but in case you were thinking it'd be a lot of work it really won't be. *g*(end edit) (Oh! And bellatemple wants to know if people would be interested in doing a version for Firefly/Serenity as well!)

and... completely different topic, anyone in the UK know of any shops which still have stock of the 'Galactic Heroes' Millennium Falcon? (It's a chunkier version designed for little kids). My nephew is desperate for one and my sister didn't even think it would sell out. Guess what? It's sold out pretty much everywhere! The Forbidden Planet site has it (and it's been ordered) but they didn't indicate whether it was in stock or whether delivery would be made before Christmas so.... help?

Doesn't have to be the UK - so long as I can get it delivered before Christmas. (There is one on EBay which I'm watching but it's point of origin in the USA so...)

I may be a little absent at short notice for a while - I was up at sister's house most of yesterday and she swears it's just Braxton Hicks but her due date is Wednesday and ... Pretty much I'm just waiting for the phone to ring (and why did an old Deacon Blue song suddenly jump into my head there?!)
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