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Serenity Squee!!!


Sorry for those of you who are either not Firefly/Serenity fans or who are not able to go to these but...

There are going to be two more Starfury Serenity conventions! (Imaginatively called Serenity3 and Serenity4 (nice work there Sean Harry! Bet that took all of three seconds to think of!)

And despite the fact I have no money to buy petrol in the morning (seriously, my new credit card hasn't arrived yet and I need petrol, I'm going to have to buy a fiver's worth and hope the card's in the post tomorrow!) I am so going to these conventions!

Still no luck on the Millennium Falcon (thank you so much smhwpf! Please, don't worry about it - you're still a star!) so if anyone has any leads on one...

Oh! ETA Everyone should go buy the Nizlopi single "JCB" so that it hits number one for Christmas. This song is so damned cute!

I'm Luke, I'm five
and my dad's Bruce Lee
He drives me round in his JCB

Doesn't do it justice but this song has made me smile more than anything else this year. It's so lovely.
Tags: family, geekdom, serenity
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