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Grrr. My work has disabled my FTP access to my site from this PC as part of their new security procedures so I can't update the site until I get home and I'm heading to the cinema tonight (frantic calls from my brother-in-law notwithstanding of course!) so one day on and already it's out of date...

But, it's up and running!

The Reformed Watchers' Council Human Resources/Psychological profiling website


Today I'm taking an extra long lunch break to run into town to see if anywhere has the Galactic Heroes Millennium Falcon (and the MegaBlocks Pirate Cove playset that I'm buying for nephew which was also sold out, but he doesn't know about that one yet). If I can't get it anywhere I'm going to get the bigger, much more expensive, one. I think I'd rather have that than break a three year old's heart when Santa Claus doesn't bring him what he specifically asked for.

Neighbour was doing it again last night, he can't be scraping paper because there can't be any left on the walls by now. It didn't go on too late but I still didn't manage to get much sleep.About two hours all in I think. Joy. And I have a sore throat - I'm hoping it's just from lack of sleep and not from getting sick!

Oh, and yes, I have noticed the deliberate mistake with Anya's name on the site. I was in my bed, wide awake, at three am when I suddenly thought "Did I put an 'E' or an 'M' in there?"

Will be fixed with the updates tonight!

And I need a new icon with all the Scoobies on it. This is pretty much the only one I have and while I do love it, I want a new one.
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