the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

'Tis the season...

I should be feeling in the holiday spirit, right? I've done all the decorating in the office, I bought extra tinsel because we weren't festive enough (although, black and silver tinsel... cool but not all that festive really!) and I'm just not feeling it yet.

My shopping list is still as long as ever (although apparently my sister now doesn't want a present because she'd rather I spent the money on the kids) and I have one weekend left to go shopping. Am I just in a generally Bah, Humbug mood or is it taking longer to get into the holiday spirit for everyone this year?

So - most of these have been guessed and the ones that haven't aren't likely to so...


1 – Xander/Faith - guessed by emeraldswan
2 – Buffy/Xander - guessed by anonymous!
3 – Willow/Xander - guessed by invisionary


1 – Faith/Lindsey - guessed by invisionary
2 – Wesley/Fred - guessed by jgracio
3 – Angel/Lindsey - guessed by d_tepes

Star Wars (Extended Universe)

1 – Mara Jade/Corran Horn - guessed by d_tepes
2 – Jaina Solo/Jag Fel - guessed by jgracio
3 – Anakin Solo/Tahiri - no one guessed this and it is a little obscure...


1 – Charlie/Claire - guessed by emeraldswan
2 – Jack/Sawyer - guessed by anonymous!
3 – Shannon/Sayid - not guessed and given that Shannon annoys me normally I'm not surprised. *g*

Veronica Mars

1 – Veronica/Logan - guessed by bastardsnow
2 – Mac/Beaver - guessed by anonymous!
3 – Weevil/Logan - guessed by anonymous!


1 –Simon/Kaylee - guessed by naol
2 – Mal/River - guessed by smhwpf
3 – Simon/Mal - guessed by Anonymous #2!

So...invisionary asked for a Wallace or Wallace&Veronica icon; Anonymous #1 asked for VM ficlets - possibly Mac/Veronica if it works out; emeraldswan asked for a graphic and ficlet of my choice (I'm going to try to get that pairing you asked for a while back done Em!). So that leaves jgracio, d_tepes, bastardsnow, smhwpf, naol and Anonymous #2 to put their requests in. I should get them all done before Christmas I think! Put your requests in now!

Okay, off to try to get into Kaylee's head for the 70 Questions for... Firefly/Serenity challenge. Speaking of... willowmina and emeraldswan? You guys really need to look into this...  
Tags: memes, random
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