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Ever had one of those days?

Monkey just brought me a rather large, rather tasty latte from the very good coffee shop down the road (ie not Starbucks...). We're going to do our Secret Santa thing in an hour (taking a wild stab at mine being a calendar here, let's see... it's flat, square, about the size of a calendar... *g* ETA Yup - a Lost calendar - very cool! Just one thing - opening it started off discussion in the office and bearing in mind I'm in the UK and there are a few fans of the show here I've been very careful not to talk about what's happened in the US aired episodes. So to have one person who doesn't even watch it turn round and say "I don't like him/her, but that's okay because they die don't they?" to which I give a blank look and a refusal to answer and she says "But they definitely do." - Not a good idea when there are two people standing behind you at UK rate who really don't want to be spoiled Janet! I think Monkey and J were ready to lynch her for a while there! end edit) and I'm writing Veronica Mars ficlets for the first time ever and finding I love Veronica's voice. Whether or not it's her voice as heard on the show or not I'm not sure, but I love this person I'm now writing and calling Veronica. She's fun! (And Mac's being sardonic. She's fun too!)

More ficlets will be written today and hopefully graphics done tonight - if you've guessed right and want to give me a clue as to what to write for you drop me a line here!

smileawhile emailed me with news that one of the conventions next year will be held in Glasgow so I'm very excited about the not having to fly or drive insane distances to get there!

All in? This is a good day!
Tags: fic wips, geekdom, me
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