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My one good day has taken a turn for the worse. I'll leave aside the phone call from my sister earlier which reduced me to silence so that I wasn't swearing at her, I'll leave aside the fact my neighbour's still being an inconsiderate prick, I'll leave aside the fact that most people on the road at this time of year are arseholes who should never be allowed to drive again.

No, none of that is what's brought my mood down.

What's done it I hear you ask? Why I'll tell you. My photoshop programme has ceased to be. It's still there, I can open it up and after three or four attempts I can open files in it, but if I try to do anything? Even something as simple as resize or crop or maybe even transform scale? Nada. Nichts. Rien.

So those graphics I was going to make tonight? Um... not so much. Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch and can be resolved - plus I still have Photoshop CS on my laptop and when I finally get my self sorted and network the two computers together I'll have something at least but... I don't like making graphics on the laptop. The touchpad is next to useless for brushwork and I haven't figured out a way to show all my brushes (I have a scary amoount of brushes loaded and they go over the width of the screen).

Anyone else ever had this problem (the not-resizing/cropping/scale transforming problem) with PS7? Any tips on how to fix it?

ETA I *think* it's fixed now - kinda did a little Simon Tam icon post over at ms_graphics here with the results. Not any of the graphics I was *planning* to make though, those are going to be worked on later on. :)
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