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Ruth? Bite me.

Conversation from earlier:
Ruth: What break do you want to go this afternoon.
Me: I don't mind.
Ruth: I'll go late if that's okay?
Me: Cool.

Email from not long after that (from engelsteorra) "Fancy a walk at break?"
My reply: (after a little back and forwards replying/teasing) Yup, I'm on early breaks

3:10 - early break starts.
3:11 - Grade 3 from other part of department says "Shona, are you going on your break just now 'cause GT will be on her own."
Me: "I'm meant to be but I don't know where Ruth is. Just you go and I'll wait till she gets back."
3:15 - I'm on my own in the office with the GT (and Monkey who was on his break but still in the room), engelsteorra comes in wondering where I am and I had to tell her I couldn't leave yet.
3:19 (ish) - Ruth walks in, I'm furious by that point and snap "I'm going on my break now, I couldn't  leave on time because Emily would have been on her own."

Not a word of apology or explanation.


We just had a departmental meeting this week where we reminded the Grade 2s not to leave the department without telling someone where they were going so that we were never understaffed.

Yes, Ruth is not a Grade 2, she's a fucking Grade 3. She's supposed to have the intelligence and bloody gumption to know not to leave the room empty just as people are going on their tea breaks!!!

Oh - and if she *tells* me one more time she's leaving early I'm going to ram the fucking leave diary down her throat. The point of having a flexi-buffy is that it's a give and take arrangement. She wants to leave early? Cool - she checks with me. I want to leave early? I check with her. I don't send a fucking email to all the supervisors on Monday morning saying I'm leaving on Friday afternoon the way she does.


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