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Damn them for keeping the actress in focus.... *g*

This is kinda the sharpest cap I can get right now (I've sharpened it using various methods and lightened it a lot so that you can actually make out the details). Obviously it isn't good enough to use as part of a large graphic, but I may see if I can replicate it in some way - my question is...

It's a knight in armour on a brown horse with yellow bridle, the knight has a red(ish) plume on his helmet,a tabard over his armour which seems to be red and white, his sword held upright and behind him (actually, top left) is a 'castle' with a flag on the rampart (I plucked that word from the depths of my memory, it may be wrong). Is there anything else I'm missing?

And here's another cap, untouched, for contrast.

Tags: geekdom, graphics, sites
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