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I was right!!!!

I knew ir! I just knew it! Just watched "Hole in the World" - latest Angel ep and I was right!

Fred's evil!!! Such a great episode! Very very cool. Even though it kinda looks like they're re-hashing last year's storyline a little - the whole Cordy/Jasmine Fred/Illyaria (or whatever it's called!)

Still, I was nearly in tears a whole lot of the time whilst watching this episode. Poor Wes! Joss Whedon is an evil, evil man. What is so wrong with anyone being happy on his shows?

I was so impressed with the performances in this one, the whole character study was spot on, Gunn realising that his actions had *huge* consequences, Angel deciding to hell with the world and Spike realising that the whole thing's so much bigger than him.

And Fred, poor sweet Fred. I didn't like her when she first appeared but somehow she got under my skin and I'm really attached to her now. Typical really, I start to like a character and they die...

Wesley. Someone for the love of God give Alexis Denisof an award for that performance!

Eve makes a reappearance and I finally realise why she was cast in that role, I almost take back what I've been saying about her now because she just looked so forlorn there! And when she sang? It was only two lines and it wasn't the right melody but it was the song Lindsey sang in Dead End

She's pretty as a picture,
She is like a golden ring,
Circles me with love and laughter,
And I can't feel a thing

The sky's gonna open,
People gonna pray and crawl,
It's gonna rain down fire,
It's gonna burn us all

I get the feeling Lindsey's coming back! Yay!

Can't say much more right now, I want to process it in my head a little more and probably watch it again.

Made a wallpaper though! - s'called "My Boys..."

I walk with heroes. Think about that.
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