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Bored out of my brain and getting oddly annoyed at the daftest things.

FYI, Janet? This is not a compliment: "I really like the way you've done the tree Shona, it looks really classy. I'd never have thought you'd have done something like that."

I want to get this damn Veronica & Mac ficlet finished but all I keep writing is more and more dialogue! Yes, it's a phone conversation, but there still needs to be more than just quotes in there. It's annoying me a lot right now. I need to move on and not get myself bogged down with it but it's proving difficult.

Maybe I should just give up on fleshing it out and post it as dialogue only. But then that kind of fic usually annoys me unless it's really well written and since this is my first attempt at writing either character I'm not under any illusions about the quality of the writing.

Gah! One more night I think, then it's getting posted whether I'm any happier with it or not.

Right, I'm now at the stage where I'm picking at the biscuits and chocolates that are in the department... I'm never fitting into the top I bought for tomorrow's night out...

I'm off, wish me a less than two-hour drive (32 miles all in...)!
Tags: boredom, fic wips
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