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Merry f*cking Christmas, F*cktard!

Yes, INAP was hacked. Again.

Thank you to liz_marcs, naol and jgracio for giving me the head's up here - the hacker signed up under the username shader and managed to not only upload a virus to the parrot/ subdomain, but also managed to create a whole new subdomain and loaded a virus in there. Plus he loaded a bunhc of BitTorrent files to my webspace which puts me in violation of my ToS with my webhost. I'm in contact with them to explain the situation but in the meantime INAP is not taking new submissions or new signups. Everything is switched off at the moment and I'll be going through it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure there's nothing else going on there.

Unfortunately this means another delay in the launch and update on the other sites. B/X site is on hold until I get this sorted, the F/X site is stuck as is right now, WKA is most likely not going to launch the new round in January the way I had planned and all my other sites are not going to be updated until I can be damn sure security is as tight as I can make it.

I love INAP, I do not want to see it go, but right now I'm sick of the problems I've been having with eFiction. When (and it probably is 'when' rather than 'if') it returns, it may be in a different format.
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