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I am never going to be warm again am I? I've been awake for three hours now because it is so damned cold in my house.) My car is covered in ice (not frost, ice) and I swear it's still warmer outside than my house is right now. I was right, my thermostat can't be fixes, I need a new one. And my home-care plan from Scottish Gas doesn't cover that anymore. It did last year, it doesn't this year. Wonderful.

So for now I'm contemplating dragging the sofa bed into the living room because it's the only room I can actually heat right now at all.

It has made me think though. This is only temporary, in a month or so I will have heat again. These people won't.That's Oxfam's latest information on the aftermath of the Asian Earthquake. There are links at the top of the page to donate if you're in the UK. I'm fairly sure the Red Cross/Red Crescent will have similar schemes if you're not in the UK although the Oxfam site does take donations from across the world. If you do donate and you're a British tax payer, please make sure you tick the "Gift Aid" box so they can claim the tax back from the government.

Thank you.
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