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My dog is a genius!

I had to go out to the supermarket this afternoon (nothing in the fridge apart from the pre-requisite jar of mayo and some anchovies in olive oil I don't really remember buying...) and I left my living room door open so that Dram (my dog) wasn't stuck out in the cold hall and kitchen when I was out.

There was a jar of sour cream and chive dip on my coffee table. A screw-top jar. Sealed. Half full.

It's now completely empty. Somehow Dram managed to not only get it off the coffee table (he's a Westie and he's getting on in years, heights are a bit of an issue for him now) but he also managed to unscrew the top (which I can't find now) and clean it out without getting a drop on the rug.

He's a genius!

Oh - and if you thought the pre-Christmas rush was bad, try going to a Scottish supermarket two days before Hogmanay and stand in the drinks aisles.

The shelvers couldn't keep up with the demand!

I should be writing now, or maybe cleaning the house (I still have the ingrained 'house has to be clean to see in the New Year' thing - I think its in my bones). Instead I'm procastinating and wondering just how Dram managed to open that jar (and what he's done with the lid...)
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