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Randomness abounds...

I found the jar lid. It was under the Christmas tree - on the other side of the room from the jar. I'll say it again, my dog is a genius.

Still having issues with INAP - there's a few stories - two authors in particular for some reason - that seem to have lost some chapters. Those chapters are still there, they're just... not displaying. Oh - and m_mcgregor - you've got a helluva loyal readership! *g* The number of emails I've had saying they've not been able to read your stories...  I honestly don't know right now if there's a way to recover the stories. They're there, I can see them, if I gave you guys FTP access to my server you could see them, but they're just not displaying on the site yet. Still working on it though - and I will either have it fixed or have some kind of fix ready before the weekend.

Right, the reason I started this post, there's a meme going round right now where people list the stories they've worked on in 2005. I haven't done it, and I'm not going to, because I'm shocked to say I haven't done much writing this year. I guess if I sat down and actually worked it out I'd end up with a higher number than I think there is right now, but I feel terrible for not updating. For example:

Crimson Regret - God! The hotel burned down? Kennedy's missing? Dawn's blaming Willow? You guys don't know what state Faith's in right now? How could I leave it like that?

What a Difference a Day Makes - Gah! Yes, by necessity this upcoming chapter has to focus on an original character, and yes okay, at the very beginning of Eilidh's introduction it was a cheeky piece of self-insertion (yes, the start of her scene all happened to me except I was helped out by a charming Irish guy and I wasn't quick witted enough to engage him in conversation at the time) but now I have her background worked out and she's not a Mary Sue! I can write this! I just... haven't. Yet.

Off Course - I love this story, I have the whole reason for both of them being on the flight in my head (and on paper somewhere, probably in a desk drawer at work to be honest). I want to get this written! I just... haven't.

Destiny - the re-write - I've never posted this to LJ, INAP or anywhere else most of you would ever have seen (and while it is still on the web, I'm not giving out the link). It was the first piece of BtVS writing I ever attempted and I still love the core story. I want to go back, tear it to shreds - rip out the clunky dialogue, slash the cameos from every single character in the Buffyverse who doesn't need to be there (which is most of the characters introduced in the final chapter posted and was something smhwpf tried to tell me at the time - I should have listened Sam!) and most of all, I want to tell this tale!

Slayerless - another early fic, as yet unfinished. I'm happier with what's out there than I am with Destiny (probably because unlike Destiny, I haven't re-read it for a while) but for crying out loud! Buffy's in a coma! Joyce is doing possibly evil things! Dawn has shown up in the gap between seasons three and four and no one knows who she is! I need to get back to that story!

And the rest? (Because yes, there are others - a lot more.) I miss writing them!

So, you have my solemn pledge: Before the end of 2005 I will update all five of these stories in some way. Because in January I have to focus on the new B/X site launch, the new round of White Knight Awards (it'll be opening for nominations in January but the judging/voting won't be for a while yet!), and the contributions to joss100, fanfic100 and iconfic150 to complete, and of course the two Africander fics to complete as well!
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