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Caffeine makes all things better. I swear, that first cup of coffee cured whatever was causing my random temporary inability to focus. All better now!

Meant to say - thank you so much to emeraldswan for my gorgeous new icon! I love it to pieces!

Favourite story (of my own)

Wow. Changes all the time, probably Crimson Regret at the moment.

Story most tragically underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion

Hmmm. Not really sure, probably Alone Time or maybe Gdansk for Nothing

Most fun story

The story that made me giggle inanely whilst writing it was definitely Happy In a Land of Us

Story with the single sexiest moment:

I don’t tend to write sex a lot, lack of confidence in myself, but there’s one moment in the first chapter of What a Difference a Day Makes that I adore. So I’m going to say that one.

Most unintentionally telling story

Walk Away – catharsis through fic. *g* (Will be updated soon by the way!)

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for me" story:

__touched__  Xander/Angel slash. Not my finest moment. *g*

Hardest story to write:

What a Difference a Day Makes – no doubt.

Worst story:

I know some people like it, but __touched__  is really not my greatest moment in writing.

Easiest story to write:

Crimson Regret. No, really.

Story I'd like to revise (but probably won't):

All of Me and Alone All Along – the prequels to Crimson Regret. They’re not *bad*, I’d just change some things if I got the chance.

Story I wish I'd finished:

Slayerless – and it will be finished. Eventually.

Story I didn't write but swear I will, someday:

Oh this is a difficult one, the final part of the 'Fallen' series maybe? (All of Me, Alone All Along, Crimson Regret, ?) or actually, there's a Lindsey centric story I've been toying with lately, between seasons two and five what exactly happened? I *may* get that written one day!

Wow. UK Documentary are running five days of Michael Palin's documentaries back to back. Today it's the turn of Pole To Pole, which I'd not seen before. Anyway - the episode right now has him in Leningrad. Yes, Leningrad, not St Petersburg, and he's just said the population had just voted to change the name back to St Petersburg. Which means he was there at the exact same time I was.

It is an incredible city, and watching him on the Battleship Aurora and at the Winter Palace - and all the other familiar places - just makes me wonder, what do those places look like now?

ETA Upadate on INAP. Goddess love the folks who are developing this code! The admin at the support forum has idenitifed the problem, hopefully it's fixable but it may rely on PHPMyAdmin skills which are sorely lacking in me...
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