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Well... okay, so 2006 has been odd so far. I have a million and one things that need to be done and yet I've ended up not doing any of it but instead I've been to sister's house twice in the past two days. I spotted a cheap(ish) treadmill in Tescos the other day but I knew it wouldn't fit in my car so I asked sis if I could borrow hers (MPV gas-guzzler) and she decided wouldn't it be great if she came along...

So went to Tescos with all three children and it transpired that my eldest nephew needed a new pair of shoes. And the treadmill was sold out. So the one thing I went for I couldn't get and instead spent the entire time waiting for my nephew to decide which shoes he liked. None of them.

Sister wanted to get him the Nike trainers at twenty-two quid, I think the look on my face clued her in to the fact that I wasn't impressed. I have nothing against Nike (well, nothing other than my standard anti-mega corp stance and the fact that they use the equivalent of child slave labour in the manufacturing process). What I have a problem with is my three year old nephew who goes through growth-spurts at astonishing rates getting ridiculously expensive trainers that'll only fit him for a couple of months. He didn't get them. He also didn't like them either so... *g*

And it turns out that I had to get rid of Deepest Sender 'cause it's no longer supported by Firefox, so now I'm trying out another blogging tool which I don't really like and will probably get rid of after I post this. Anyone got any favourite LJ clients they use to post?
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