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Bloody hell it's cold!

Got a treadmill! Yay! Fifteen minutes today - man I'm unfit! And it's officially baltic today, course that might just be my house I guess!

I'm actually really just posting 'cause I watched Graduation Day 1 & 2 today on Sky One and I made icons. I've kinda decided that I suck at text so I tried a bunch without any at all and I'm pretty happy with the results. Apart from two which I hate, but they're still in the post 'cause sometimes other people seem to like the ones I really hate so... *g*


Wanna see more?

ETA Yeah, I kinda got the bug now. Consequences icons this time!


The rest

ETA okay, this is the last one... Anne icons!


What's in a name?

Really final edit

Go enter joss_stills - this is a great community and needs your entries! Enter Here!
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