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Bad day ahead...

Worst. Headache. Ever.

watched seven episodes of BSG last night/this morning and am now wishing I'd fitted in more sleep. Ah well, can't be helped I guess... And now I have another exciting day of checking holdings on a list that I just realised is the same one I checked at the start of December. Then I was checking it to let my boss know which journals were being accessed so he could work out a new deal with the publishers, now I'm checking it because thanks to him wrangling over minutae of cost the entitlement has changed. Only, the publisher hasn't told us what we're now entitled to so I have to go through the entire damn site.

Is it any wonder I hate my job?


Must write today, the deadline for Africander is looming and my ILL books haven't arrived yet so I may have to wing it on the research I've already done and my six year old memories of being in the countries. (I mean, the memories are six years old, not that I was in those countries when I was six.)

Oh - and a little note to the insane cleaner, if I wanted something to go in the recycling bin I would put it in the recycling bin. I wouldn't leave it on top of the filing cabinet. (Seriously, she came up to me earlier saying "Shona, do you want me to put these in for recycling?" waving the Christmas cards that I had left on top of the cabinet yesterday when I took the decorations down - speaking of, I put the damn things up, how come it was left to me to take them down as well?)

Okay, this is clearly going to be a not good day today. Wonder if I can get away with keeping my headphones on all day so that no one asks me anything?

ETA New drabble for iconfic150 Cold Comfort (with a huge shout out to m_mcgregor 'cause I couldn't get Surrogate Angel out of my head!
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