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icons, sites, writing - who needs a life?

Kinda been on a roll lately with icon contests and I realised I hadn't posted any of the results here! I'm planning on doing a lot of work on the sites over the weekend so Pointless Nostalgic will be updated with the icons themselves soon! I plan to have all the problem stories on INAP identified by tomorrow night (I've done A-F so far) and hopefully will either have a fix ready by Sunday or will start re-uploading those stories then. (I have them all on my server, it'll be easier (and quicker) for me to do it that way than try to contact the authors who may or not have copies of the stories ready to upload). I also plan to have the B/X site ready for launch (having a slight problem with my scanner right now - Monkey at work drew the 'Animus' tarot card free-hand for me but I'm having trouble scanning it in) as well as another site that I'm going to do (which will take all of three hours to do, I'm applying to have the Freeze Frame site for Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered because it annoys me that it's so hard to find caps for that one, but the longest part of making that site will be capping the episode itself and sorting the caps.) (ETA oh - and there are some new fics to add to the 70q site! Almost forgot them! end edit)

And.... finally, I will be announcing a new challenge on zeppo_stillness tonight! naol? I'm going to run a normal(ish) challenge this week, but are you still interested in the 'fics for graphics' exchange you were exploring?

Okay, wanna see the pretties?

Tags: icons, inap, multi-tasking madness, sites
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