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This? Is not helpful...

Sometimes, whenever I go to open a story, nothing shows up. The pictures at the top and bottom show up but the story itself does not show. .

That was the entire email I got at ten past four this morning concerning INAP. Yes, I'm tired and grouchy, my back is hurting from sleeping (or rather not sleeping) on the sofa bed and my house is still like a damn freezer. So yes, my nerves a little shot and my temper is a little stretched - but that kind of email really is of no use to anyone. (It's also surprisingly almost word for word the kind of email I get most often at work 'sometimes, when I go to open an article in this journal nothing shows up...')

Feel like crap by the way - not ill as such, just not good. Neighbour started up again yesterday - the scraping is now identifiable, he's using sandpaper on the wall so I'm assuming it's just been re-plastered (probably the other scraping I thought sounded like sawing was the plasterboard being cut). At 3am. He got a very loud 'For crying out loud! Don't you ever sleep?' yelled at him which seemed to do the trick. Plus, when my alarm finally went off this morning and it was the Arctic Monkeys I felt very little guilt about cranking that baby up to high volume and singing along at the top of my voice... at 5.30 am.

Africander update: Still haven't got my ILL books and I'm giving up all hope they'll show up today or tomorrow. I do have a lot of research done already and I have the hook for both of the stories, I just haven't started writing them yet and right now I'm at the stage where I'm looking at all the sheets of paper and post-its and screeds of bookmarks in the books I do have and thinking there's no way I'm going to be able to pull this all together. I will though, never fear.

Still undecided on my new layout by the way - wan't to twist my arm for one particular thing? Add your vote here

ETA I am feeling a little better this afternoon - although my neck is killing me for some reason. The layout question, I've been playing about with the layout of one of the community journals (_moments_lost_) and I think I've fallen for the clean white background again - so whatever the final decision is, the colour scheme is going to be pale anyway!
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