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New layout

Not sure how long this one will stay up for and I had no idea I was going to use this person until I opened the file browser in Photoshop and that picture jumped out at me.

I have just noticed that the apostrophe didn't show up though. That's a problem.

ETA BSG fans - there will be a live wechat with Jamie Bamber and James Callis tonight after the show finishes (that's 50 minutes from now at 10pm) at the Sky One site: - the actual chat is here:

Final Edit I was going to stick around and transcribe the webchat but it's taken 11 minutes to get this much - it's a weird format. And now I'm bored waiting for the screen to refresh and am getting tired - sorry!

JamieBamber Yes -- any time you can experience a bit of trauma and see the layers unravel -- it's always fun...
mlsky I've read in interviews, that in the latter half of season 2, Lee comes close to death; then sort of falls apart. I'm wondering if Jamie, the actor, enjoyed the challenge of portraying that side of Lee?
JamesCallis I've always been doing this kind of thing since school and university followed by drama school... followed by Solider Solider
JamieBamber It must have been something to do with green makeup and a pointy hat... it seemed to sit with me well!
JamieBamber She cast me as the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz when I was 5...
JamieBamber My mum actually -- at a very young age -- ran a theatre group for English speaking kids...
persia how did you get involved in acting? and have you always wanted to star in a sci fi show
EventManager Let's take the first question!
JamieBamber Yeah! I'm ready for a free for all...
JamesCallis Yes I'm happy to be chatting....
EventManager How are you both doing ... are you well?
JamieBamber Hello.........
JamesCallis Nannu-Nannu!!
EventManager Hi guys, welcome to chat!
EventManager We're about to begin...
EventManager Standby...
EventManager Ok....
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