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I'm in pain. A lot of pain. A few years ago I suddenly found I couldn't move my head without searing pain shooting down my arm. Several Xrays and a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs later I was told that I have an extra bone on one of the vertebrae in my neck. Vertebrae normally look like a circle with three prongs sticking out of it, one of those prongs in my neck has an extra bit of bone on it. It had trapped a nerve at the time and that's what was causing the pain. I could have had it operated on at the time but because of the location I was advised that it might be better not to. I had physio, I had ultrasound treatment, I had painkillers so strong that they actually use them as anaesthetics in minor surgery, I got over it.

It's been... six years? Maybe seven.

It's back.

So I'm trying once again to find the balance between not being in agony and not being spaced out on painkillers. Joy.

Plus, I actually managed to get a lot of writing done on my Morocco Africander fic today - only problem is that I've decided to use a specific format for the writing and the nature of that format means that I'll be lucky to get away with this being a single chapter. In fact, I'll be lucky to keep this under twenty chapters if I let the story go where it wants to go... Ah well, the first part will definitely be ready to post by the deadline. :)

Now Tunisia on the other hand...

ETA DAMMIT! I hate it when Windows does that... I had an update download the other night and didn't really think anything much of it. (Beyond checking it was a valid Windows update of course!) Now I find it's set my keyboard settings to US instead of UK. I like having my @ sign on the right of the keyboard and the " above the 2... Now I have to go and change the settings manually. This is the second time a standard update has frakked up my settings like that.

(and that may just be the first time I said 'frakked'. Heh!)
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