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Angel S5

okey dokey, conflicting opinions right now...

I hated Connor last year, couldn't stand him, so I'm finding it really difficult to equate this insightful guy who was the feature of this episode with the guy I couldn't stand twelve months ago.

Yup, that's right folks, Connor's back.

Does he know? Was he in blast radius when the spell box thingy (CPD alert) was broken or was it just Wes and Illyria who were affected? I'm thinking he does know but doesn't want to believe the memories. Maybe he thinks it's one of the "powers" that Sahjahn had. I dunno, anyway, I kinda hope we see more of MullettBoy in the next couple of epiosdes. The whole comment about "You gotta do what you can to protect your family. I learned that from my father" makes me sure on the one hand that he does know exactly who Angel is in relation to him, but then, why doesn't he hate him? Hmmm, confuddled.

Gunn cops out again. I can't seem to care about his part in the story anymore, or Lorne's either. Cut out the dead wood I say, starting with these two.

Illyria throwing Spike around without breaking a sweat - class! I've been hitting the half-breed. He makes noise. LOL!

And Wes, he got what he wanted, he knows the truth now, but can he live with it? I'm not so sure. He's already been sinking into some damn fine whisky to try to cope with the whole Fred/Illyria situation - how will he cope with the knowledge that he betrayed Angel?

Not such a great episode, still seemed jumpy and disjointed, but so much better than the false starts we got at the start of the year.

Ah. You're him.
Yeah. I'm me. Hi.
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