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I've only really been making graphics for contests over the last couple of weeks so I'm not going to make a proper icon post - here's what I have, I'm quite pleased with them (and will be using the 'on the dancefloor' one myself!) - if you want 'em, take 'em!


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Okay, I kinda lied. When I was at Uni I studied a lot of psychology as part of my course and in an attempt to bring the psychology course into the realm of what we were actually studying, my tutor got us to watch a lot of films based around psychology. One of my favourites of the lot was 'Spellbound' - the Hitchcock film. Yes, it's all Freudian twaddle, yes it's mysogonistic crap, but the dream sequence is just wonderful! Designed by Salvador Dali and featuring Gregory Peck - doesn't get any better than that!

One thing is, this film is one of Hitchcock's lesser films and as such is never released in retrospectives so I don't own a copy. It has been on my DVD rental list for a while though and it arrived today. I iconed some of the dream sequence.

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