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Graphics peeve...

I know I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating. The sharpen tool sucks when over-used (which seems to be in most cases) but apparently it's what the 'people' like. *sigh* Sorry, just a little peeved when graphics which people have worked on for a *really* long time fail to get recognition because they don't have eyes and lips that don't just 'pop' but leap out of the frame and chase you down the street beating you over the head with a mallet whilst screaming "NOTICE ME!!!!"

An icon contest I watch (not zeppo_stillness or dawn_stillness I hasten to add!) frequently has entries which are so sharp you'd cut your eyeballs looking at them - and they invariably win - while there are really lovely icons there which are clear without being glaring. That's what I like about a graphic - something that's visibly clear but not too jarring. Yes, I use the sharpen filter, and I use the sharpen edges filter. I even use the little sharpen tool on eyes and lips (and hair) but I try my hardest not to overdo it. One of these days I'm going to make an overly sharpened icon and enter it into a contest just to see what the result would be.

(And the contest I was talking about is not one I tend to enter, I just watch it, so it's not me getting all petulant about losing out. *g*)

I am so far behind on my ficathon stories by the way! I will have something to post tomorrow - I swear it, I have my laptop in with me today, I'm leaving work early, I have the core stories in my head and scribbled on various pieces of paper, I just haven't got the main body of them done. The house is, however, remarkably tidy for me (as a result of the gas man having been yesterday) so I should be able to spend most of tonight just writing. And I will. The lures of Spider Solitaire and FreeCell be damned! *g*


This is the same base picture - each stage is built on the previous.

- base image, no effects added.
- Filter > Sharpen
- Edit > Fade Sharpen > 50%
- Filter > Sharpen Edges
- Edit > Fade Sharpen Edges > 50% (this is where I usually stop with any sharpening on image this clear in the first place.)
- Blur tool (@40%) on skin (I couldn't bring myself to really go for the 'porcelein skin effect')
- Sharpen tool (also at 40%, if I use it at all I never have it stronger than 20%...). And I kid you not - I have seen icons this over-sharp win awards.

Oh - and since I had the picture open anyway... coupla icons...

(couldn't resist the tiny text in there!)
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