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To Do List

  1. Finish Morocco Africander fic;
  2. Start (and finish) Tunisia Africander fic;
  3. Finalise caps for [ chalk it up to hormones ];
  4. Code index and episode page for same;
  5. Finalise entries for zeppo_stillness;
  6. Work on new layout for WKA (nominations will be starting up again soon!);
  7. Contact all authors of the 69 stories currently not working properly on INAP and start re-uploading those stories;
  8. Update Pointless Nostalgic;
  9. Transfer mood theme to my LJ scrapbook so that I can finalise the .htaccess file on moments-lost;
  10. Work on Destiny;
  11. Work on new layout for moments-lost.

I think that's everything! Think I'll get all that done this afternoon, or will I watch Neighbours to find out just how many of the cast they're going to kill off in the plane? (I'm betting David, Conor, Dylan or Skye (probably Skye) and maybe Paul. *g*). I haven't watched Neighbours for ages and caught it yesterday - it's all intriguing now!

ETA so I watched Neighbours. *g* They didn't confirm any specific character as being dead but we didn't see Paul, David and Lilliana, Alex (who I forgot about - of course they were going to kill him off) or Skye. We did see Conor but he did something really stupid (took off his life jacket so he could swim out of the plane) so he's not going to last long... *g*

Voting has started on round one of whedon_lims, I entered. I'm not telling anyone which is mine and it's definitely not the best of the bunch, but I think it holds its own. If I get voted off this round I won't be upset - there's some great competition in there!
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