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Slept for 13 hours. Feel less cranky this morning! Yay! I'm still in a bit of pain, but I'm planning on working on my laptop today so I can lounge on the sofa rather than in my (actually pretty comfortable but not that great for my back) computer chair.

Plus, I woke up this morning with the next few paragraphs of the Morocco story playing out in my head, which is definitely a good sign - it's the first time that particular story has been on my mind while I wasn't actively writing it - so at the very least, the first part of that will be posted today (really should get my PC and laptop networked - it'd make life so much easier!) Sorry for the delay guys!

Also - Voting turnout has been low this week on zeppo_stillnessZeppo Stillness - possibly because I completely forgot to post it until I was flying out the door yesterday morning - so if you haven't voted yet? Please take a look!

So - revised (and do-able) To Do List

  1. Put on a very large pot of coffee (got some more Free Trade Costa Rican recently - my absolute favourite!)

  2. Finish first part of Morocco story.

  3. Make blanks/post new challenge on ZS

  4. Maybe go out and get some really nice bread and have the kind of lunch I've not had for ages - soft fresh bread, cheese, pate, olives... mmmm!

  5. Beta and return TotF to smhwpfSam

  6. Tunisia fic

I can do that today!

Also? *huge hugs* for engelsteorraSharon for my birthday present!

And finally - a kinda mini icon post!

01  02  03  04  
05  06  07  08

01-03 entered in joss_stills
04-05 entered in faith_stillness
06-08 were options for entering into Roound One of whedon_lims - I went with 07 in the end. I'm through to Round Two!

Oh! Almost forgot! This was too good a deal not to snap up but now I have a shoe dilemma... I never wear skirts, and this? is very girly (I got the turquoise one which as soon as I got it I realised is the exact same as the one my friend Angie has...) - what kind of shoes do girls wear with this kind of skirt? I'm guessing my biker-esque boots won't cut it... *g*

And - I've been seeing this all over the place and thought I'd weigh in - most recently seen on alixtii's and othercat's journals:

Top Ten Signs You’re Reading a MaraSho fic

1 – It’s not finished.
2 – There are tangents within tangents within tangents.
3 – if Buffy and/or Dawn are in the story, they will be having trouble relating to their sister (I know, I got issues...)
4 – The rating will be higher than the actual content of the story demands.
5 – There’s no smut.
6 – There is a lot of internal angsting (especially if Xander or Faith is the main character) but very little of that is spoken – and yet the second lead invariably picks up on it.
7 – If it is finished, the last line is usually dialogue and usually a joke (that took the writer forever and much pulling of her hair to get to sound right!)
8 – There may be an obscure cameo or mention of a character from another show/film of which the writer is a fan but that the characters are not really likely to be aware of.
9 – There’s some kind of meta reference to one of the writer’s other fics – whether or not the story is in the same 'verse' or not.
10 – It’s not finished. And hasn’t been for a relatively long time. *g*
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