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The Lesson from the weekend

never, ever make plans. Ten minutes after I posted my to-do-list (which was completely do-able), the phone rang.

"Shona? You know how you offered to babysit this weekend?"
"Um, I said 'sometime soon' but yes?"
"Oh, can you do it today?"

I did offer so it would have been churlish of me to refuse. So Saturday was spent babysitting, Sunday was spent catching up with housework and writing when I got a chance, Monday was filled with me coming into work late and realising that I'd saved the fic in the wrong format on my memory stick so I can't do any work on it...

I may be going home in half an hour, just waiting to hear from my boss about postponing our 'chat' this afternoon, so I can catch up this afternoon/evening.

Not making plans, honest, but I will have something posted this evening - I suck at life.

Heh! I used the word *churlish* - that's so not a me word!
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