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Here, but not here.

I have so many irons in the fire right now and I constantly seem to be chasing my tail, so I'm still here I just won't be posting my usual ten million posts per day on this journal until I get things a little more under control. Right now I have the following to focus on:

  • Africander fics;

  • Beta reading;

  • [ chalk it up to hormones ] site;

  • Stu's site;

  • B/X site;

  • F/X site;

  • Gen fic site to replace the one I still have on Geocities smhwpfSam? That's why you couldn't see some of your stories on the Stacks Fic site - they've been packed up and are moving to a new home without stupid drop down ads and side-banners;

  • 70 questions site;

  • Personal fic and art site(s) - still can't decide whether to have two seperate ones or not. Opinions?;
  • INAP ongoing issues;
  • Challenge contest moderation (including making new set of blanks and caps;
  • Challenge contest entries;
  • Destiny;
  • Walk Away;
  • Crimson Regret;
  • What a Difference a Day Makes;
  • Simon Tam fics for joss100;
  • Mara Jade fics for fanfic100;
  • Faith fics and icons for iconfic150;
  • White Knight Awards;
  • Other fic WiPs;
  • Other sites to be updated (including The Stacks, The Archives, the band site and the other site acrazywenchBecks, smileawhileDenise and I have been talking about for a year now...).

And on top of that I seem to have a lot of things going on outside of fandom or internet right now - heating/car/Sky issues on top of everything. And...

On Burns Night I was invited out to a Supper at the last minute. I didn't have any other plans and since I don't go out all that often I decided it was about time I did. It was a group of people I used to be really good friends with, we used to have beach parties on Hogmanay every year - we'd light a huge bonfire and play music - it used to be a lot of fun even though it was freezing cold and usually raining. The reason I stopped going? D and I split up. I got to know these people through D and when I no longer had him in my life I kinda fell out of contact. (I kept the CDs, he kept the friends.) That was four years ago.

On Wednesday D called me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to maybe meet up and go. When he and I split, it wasn't pretty, but I don't hold that against him - he and I just didn't work together and we were both making each other miserable. I didn't like who I was when I was with him at the end. That said, I had a great time on Wednesday, a really great time. It was almost like none of the bad stuff happened. I'm not a fool, he and I don't work together and never will, but it was good to know we can still get along. Only took four years to let the dust settle!

So yeah, I got a little introspecty there - sorry 'bout that! Anyways, point of the post - I am always here if anyone needs me or just wants to chat, even if I don't post for a couple of days, chances are I'm still around. :)

Tags: me, multi-tasking madness, random, real life, to do list
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