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John Locke...

John Locke has to die. Arrogant, self-important, prick. I don't think I've ever actively hated a character on a TV show as much as I hate John Locke right now.

I am a Charlie fan, I am also a fan of Charlie and Claire together but right now I'm happier to see them apart to be honest. Couple of weeks ago I said that I would happily slap Charlie for his behaviour, and yes he is still being a bit of an arse, but Oh. My. God. John Locke has to die for the supercilious way he is treating everyone - especially Charlie. I never liked Locke, I developed an appreciation for his character after Walkabout, but I never liked him. Now? Gah!

What was the deal with putting the statues in the lock-up? If he's looking out for the best interests of everyone on the island then surely the best thing to do would be to destroy them and their contents. But oh no, self-important, holier-than-thou has to put them aside for later. He so has a plan for them - and in my mind it's an evil plan - gah!

Of course, now I want to go back to Off Course and pick up where I left off so that I can kill off Locke - or at least have Xander make a sarcastic comment that goes over his head! 
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