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List Update the First

Heh! Just came on to say the updates to Pointless Nostalgic were complete and the song came on my media player. Freaky!

I'm getting there with the sites - should have the BB&B caps site ready by tonight as well. As a result of that site, I'm going to be disabling image hotlinking on my site as of this weekend. So if you have anything linked to from my domain (and there is at least one person I know of) can you please either save the image and upload it to your own site or image hosting site or let me know why you can't do that. I *may* make exceptions for a good enough reason. It'll mean my mood theme goes a little screwy for a little while - it's way down on the list of priorities though, so you may get blank images for a while I'm afraid!

Right, off to go get some lunch, then I'll come back and try to integrate the php gallery script into a <div> tag.

Fingers crossed I can get some writing done today as well - Anika's tale is just missing the very final part (I actually wrote her story before the introduction to Moroccan Knight) and I want to keep up the momentum on that story for now.

Dammit - knew there was something else I was going to say - iconers amongst you? Please think about entering this week's contest over at joss_stills? (and of course if you're in the iconing mood... zeppo_stillness and dawn_stillness both also have open challenges right now!)

ETA [ chalk it up to hormones ] has now gone live. This is my screencap site for the episode Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered. Thank you guys for your feedback on the first version of the site - I'd love to know what you all think of it now!
Tags: multi-tasking madness, pointless nostalgic, sites
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