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... announcing ...

The latest additions to the Moments Lost madness.

Hand On Heart

A Buffy/Xander and Buffy&Xander automated fanfiction archive. Y'all knew it was coming and now, finally, it is here! I am still working on layouts for it to give you more fandom-related options but I couldn't wait to launch the site! Authors and stories currently need to be validated because I'm keen to keep quality (and security of the site) high but validation is a simple process. C'mon over and submit your stories!

And... I launched this last night but I'm adding it to this announcement just because I can.
[ chalk it up to hormones ] - a screencap site for the episode Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered. This has been accepted as the official FreezeFrameNetwork site for the episode. Thank you all for your input on this one!
Tags: b/x, hand on heart, sites
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