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Ficlet: Horse

So yeah. Episode 2.12 of Lost kinda annoyed me a little, in case you hadn't already picked up on that yet. I had to get some of this down on paper so I did. Stream of consciousness from Charlie's POV at the end of the episode.

Title: Horse
Author: Shona
Rating: I was annoyed, there's swearing which would give it a 15 rating in the UK, but other than that it's PG.
Spoilers: up to Fire + Ice - episode 2.12
Wordcount: 412
Notes: Thanks to emeraldswan for making me think about the episode this way. And thanks to bellatemple for pointing out all the other things Aaron needs protection from...

A horse. She sees a bloody horse and no one bats an eye. Locke buggers off because of some idiotic 'feelings' and whaddya know, Boone ends up dead. Did anyone - besides poor Shannon of course - care? Doubtful. But oh no, Charlie boy sees something and suddenly everyone gets to weigh in with their bloody opinions. Who died and made Locke king of the island? Who the hell does he think he is anyway? He's a bloody box salesman! Come to that, what kind of box salesman carries a box of hunting knives on an inter-continental aeroplane? And how did he manage to find those things so damned quickly anyway? Something is seriously screwy about Locke and no one else seems to care.

Yeah, okay, so maybe taking Aaron like that wasn't the best idea in the world, but dammit, those dreams meant something - Aaron needed to be saved. If that meant baptising him then so be it…

Maybe that wasn't it though, maybe baptism wasn't the answer. Maybe eternal damnation wasn't the only thing Aaron had to worry about - after all, he's just a baby on an island with some freaky black smoke-cloud thing that can kill people. Except Eko. And Locke. Hang on a minute, what happened there? Hurley said Locke had been dragged away by it and then he'd come back and they'd found the stupid hatch that's got everyone so suckered in. And then the smoke thing had gone after Eko but he'd stared it down in a way that makes no sense since it's a cloud of smoke that has no eyes so how can anyone stare it down? But Eko did.  It was almost like he was telling it he was a bigger fucker than it was. And doesn't that just shed new light on him?

And Eko was the one who said the dream meant that Aaron should be baptised.

What if…

No, it's Locke. He's the one. Just who the hell does he think he is anyway? It's not like there was a bloody election or anything - he just took charge. No one asked him to, but then no one stopped him either - but that's beside the point. And now there he is, getting closer to Claire, telling everyone about poor junkie Charlie, how he's so screwed up on horse that no one should trust him anymore. Ha! Maybe someone should point out how screwed up Kate's horse is?

Well screw it, who needs them anyway?

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