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Question for US Flisters

Yards or meters? (and yes, it irks me to spell metres like that... *g*)

if someone was to get within **** of somewhere - would it be meters or yards?

In other news, I have a cold. People are making fun of me now because of it (and the way I'm talking). I want lempsip or lemon & ginger tea and I have neither with me today. Joy.

And students are being stupid with their questions. "i want to read ejournals off campus and i have an athens account and i can read the abstract but i can't read the full text or anything. Can i read ejournals off campus?"

1 - Learn what the 'Shift' key on your keyboard is for;
2 - Punctuation - commas, new sentences, ever heard of them?
3 - You have a question, fair enough, ask the bloody question and stop rambling!
4 - When I reply saying that there are different situations for different journals and I need the title to check, don't reply with this: "I have an athens account which i set up about 2 weeks ago the problem is that once i have signed in using the athens account and i have access to reading the entire document or each page separately in pdf format the page doesn't load and there is nothing to read. I am trying to read articles on various volumes of '*****'.  Is this journal not accessible off campus?"
5 - ... well, there is no 5. Just go away and stop annoying me with stupid questions. *g*

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