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So... I should be on the road by now, I should be just about leaving the next town over on my way to work, I'm not. I'm sitting in front of my PC in my PJs having slept in. (I was awake at 1 am, 2 am, 3.28 am and 4.15 am, I think I deserve to wake up a little late this morning) I am going in to work, just... later.

Second huh.

I love rugby, the Six Nations started this weekend with Scotland's first game yesterday. I didn't watch it because I'm a jinx. (They always lose when I watch.)

We were playing France. France have a very good rugby team. We always lose against France.


We didn't lose. We won! Yay!

I'll stop typing in bullet points now and go get some coffee I guess, I feel kinda decadent lazing about when I know I should really be pulling into the petrol station right about now...

Update So I got into work at 9:10, after leaving an hour later than I normally do. I'm parked really badly in a no-parking bay, but I'm not the only one so I should be fine. Plus, if anyone actually tried to tow my car they'd have to touch it and it's really filthy right now (the joys of living near farms...). (It's a private road belonging to the University and I have a Uni parking permit, I'm not illegally parked on the public highway).

I also have a presentation to give this afternoon. My understanding was that it was meant to be a low key affair with just the staff from the department and it should be a 'chat' atmosphere. So of course I come in this morning to an email from the person also doing a presentation wanting to colour co-ordinate our Power Point slides.

I have no powerpoint slides. I guess I have to re-think this presentation. (And yes, I still hate public speaking...)

I kinda suck - realised this morning that I haven't posted the results for Zeppo Stillness when they were due yesterday evening. Will be up soon - promise!

And I have to pimp a new community aaronlisa is setting up - when I say 'have' to that makes it sound like a chore, so not the case! This is a pleasure to pimp! For Faith fans everywhere, I present:


For fanfic, fanart and possibly more. Come join!
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