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strangeness and yay!

Had a bit of a strange day today. Re-read the new part of WaDaDM and still found myself loving it, it needs a lot of work yet and the conversation between Buffy and Xander isn't quite right - especially his side of it. Which is odd, normally I'm better at getting inside his head than hers. :shrug: I'll get there, I'm sure.

Anyway, smhwpf mentioned another WIP to me today. It's actually the first piece of BtVS fanfic I wrote and it's still unfinished. I started it over two years ago now and it stalled on me for nearly a year. I finally got round to writing another part of it ... and then it stalled on me again. I did write one other part which hasn't been posted anywhere but Sam's seen it. When he mentioned it today, I went back and read the last two parts of it and I've found the passion for it that I had when I started it. So, I've got the next chapter plan written (something I don't usually do) and am really quite psyched about it again - so thanks Sam!!


ETA just realised how long it is since I actually started this story - back then I actually said the phrase "The wonderful Joss Whedon".... how times change... *grin*
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