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WKA: Rule Number Nine

  • Working, stable, public links to the actual story must be provided – not just to an archive site’s home page. Any nominations without a working link will be deleted.

    So, a fic posted to a members-only-archive Yahoo Group is not a public link. Right? I should delete it. Right?

    I have ten of the buggers.

    Aaaaand, the group itself is nominated for best site. No problem with that - I'm a member and it is a Xander-centric list so it fits the category.

    *le sigh*

    Now I remember why I only run the awards two or three times a year!

    ETA Oh - and fyi? A fic cannot be nominated in the 'New Author' category, and hey - if it's a series it's not an epic fic. A Series = a collection of stories which are connected but can stand alone (be read without reading the others). An Epic fic - a multiple-chapter story, the individual parts of which cannot stand alone. (One nomination email has five categories listed for a fic, including best new author. I think there would have been more if there wasn't a limit on the number of characters in that text box...) end edit

    jgracioJG? Is it your birthday today? I have it down as tomorrow and am confused. If it's today then
    Happy Birthday!
    If it's tomorrow, ignore that!
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