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White Knight Awards nominees page has been updated. But... I'm having cross-browser issues and here's where it becomes apparent I hate Microsoft - page is coded principally for Firefox, I admit it, I'm proud of it. It's screwed up in Internet Explorer - will try to fix it later after I've stopped ranting about how much IE sucks.


I've been working on ideas for the final challenge on whedon_lims and was playing with something I picked up from awmpdotnet These will not be entered into this or any other contest because the limit of what I did with these icons was choose the screencap and change the text. That's it. awmpdotnet has provided 'actions' for PhotoShop 7 allowing everyone with the programme to just hit the 'play' button and sit back and watch the icons make themselves. Seriously. It's fun!

So I present three icons from "The Body". Take 'em if you want 'em!

Tags: flist love, white knight awards
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