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My job sucks - spam!

Wanna know what I've been doing all afternoon? Renaming files. From Jan-Dec2005.xls to 2005.xls Over and over and over and over

I am officially doing the job of a trained monkey.

And there's an irritating as hell guy at the enquiry desk right now, which is quite far away from me but this guy is talking at such a loud volume that I can hear every syllable. It's a bloody library pal! Keep it down a little maybe? Oh - and if you asked for a book to be sent by Inter-Library Loan yesterday do you really think it's going to be here today? Really? The Royal Mail may be okay but it aint that good.

(oh, and for some reason I am falling apart. I have two plasters (band aids) on my left hand from cuts which have happened for the stupidest of reasons - one was a deep paper cut which is not healing and the other is the result of me cutting myself on my ID card earlier. This is the best day ever!)
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