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Web favour

I've mentioned before that I code primarily with Firefox in mind, but I make sure things are cross-browser compliant as much as possible but... I got an email yesterday saying someone couldn't read the WKA site because of the font color against the background color. Now... it's black on off-white, hence my confusion. But... the page background is actually a dark brown and it's a <div> background which is off-white. I wasn't aware of that being a problem with other browsers (and indeed the problem I'm having with the nominees page is more about placement on the page - the colors are still fine). Does anyone use a browser like Opera or Safari or something else which may read my coding differently than Firefox, IE or Netscape? Does the WKA site display in a way you can read?

(And, yes, I'm aware I'm spelling color the US way, it's because I'm in web coding mode, sorry!)

(BTW, feeling less stressed this morning, I have options, okay so my options are either declaring my car off the road until I can afford the repairs or getting a hideously expensive loan/KwikFit store card in the short term, but still - options!)

ETA Heh! Check me out - all official sounding! Sorry - just read that back and it looks like I'm in work mode already! (sitting at my desk with punk in my headphones and my rock band hoodie on...)

Final edit Forget all about that question, I am abandoning div's in favour of tables because divs are evil. *g* Mid-changeover right now, should have the rest of the pages complete within a couple of hours.

Really final edit Site is re-coded, uploaded, checked and validated (both for XHTML and CSS - go me!). There shouldn't be any problems with it now - so go nominate! (Or y'know, let me know if there's any problems!)
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