the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone


Okay, today feels like a Saturday and yet here I am sitting at my desk at work. This is fun! (Almost as fun as the yoghurt I poured into my coffee this morning - see Monkey? This is what happens when you take the mini-fridge away...) Some more nominations came in for WKA last night, making me think lots of people were having trouble viewing the site but weren't saying anything. Still - all fixed now! And not one of the new nominations was invalid (although when you're nominating someone in an author category you don't have to tell me what pairing they write...)

Will get some graphics done for the site this weekend and get the other sites pimping it (and themselves - ah the giddy heights of having four Xander-centric websites!)  I may also work on the layout a little, I'm thinking the font size is uncomfortably small right now, but that might just be my eyes refusing to believe it's not Saturday. Heh! I will also start emailing out the nominees this weekend, I usually see an influx of nominations after I do that, so that should keep me busy with it.

So this weekend? Apply to extend my overdraft at the bank, or failing that apply for a bank loan (not a dial-4a-loan one, trust me I know they're more trouble than they're worth!), Take the car in to get it fixed, come home (without being heard three streets away hopefully!) and get working on the sites.

White Knight Awards
Effects of a Troubled Heart
Hand on Heart
Graphics for all of the above.

Aaaaand, Africander.

Doable, totally doable! 
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