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Six nations

No Scotland game today so I can watch the Rugby. Ireland are being incredibly unlucky - they are playing so well against France but making some silly mistakes. Trouble is France are also playing really well and are capitalising on the mistakes Ireland are making. And scoring tries. And conversions.

Their number 10 sucks though - can't clear a kick to save his life - and apparently he's the only potential number 10 they've got. Ireland should maybe think about utilising that - forcing the Michelin man to make mistakes (his name's Michelard or something, I hear Michelin everytime) and capitalise on them.

It's half time now, Ireland are really far behind but it's not impossible for them to come back from it. So of course what are the BBC talking about now?

I quote Inverdale: "Is there any way England can lose this?"

WTF? The England game doesn't start for another hour and a half, the Ireland/France game is ongoing. Can you say BBC Bias?

I really hope Ireland can pull this back, I really hope they can.

(Randomly, a WKA update - I've put the link to the author nomination form on the site now - completely forgot to link to it - and want to give a huge hug to engelsteorra for helping me out with the php again!)

Right - second half is starting. Back later to answer the comments I've missed. (Oh jgracio? So long as you have all the information (including password) I'm fine with an email with your nominations - can you send it to wka[at] Ta!)

ETA 43-31 to France. An amazing comeback from Ireland, fantastic game and such a shame they didn't quite manage it!

Second edit Sorry but the England/Italy game was dull as dishwater. Honestly, there was almost no passion in there. England won, I forget the score because it was so dull... *g*
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