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Whedon LIMS entries


So the results of the final round of whedon_lims were just announced. I didn't win, but I'm not disappointed because I was seriously just happy to get through to the second round - making it to the final round was amazing! And as the weeks went on I made more and more icons and struggled to choose one to enter so... Here they all are! Collected together for the first time! (Other than in my photobucket account of course!)

Week One Entry
 02  03

Week Two
(no alternates for week two because I adored this icon!)

Week Three Entry
05  (won Mod's Choice)
06  07   08  
09   10

Final Week Entry

12  13  14 
15  16  17 
18  19  20  
21   22  23
24   25  26
27  28  29

All of these are snaggable, there are a few here which are textless (or other wise unfinished) - if you like them, I'm perfectly happy to adapt/finish them for you!

Comments make my day, credit is a must.

And - I'm still looking for Faith-fic prompts. I've got the six I said I would definitely do - but come suggest something anyway, I'm going to try to get as many done as possible!
Tags: icons, icons:ats, icons:btvs
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