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This? is the road I take every morning into work. No delay apparently.


Half a frelling hour I was stuck in that this morning, not moving, because arseholes were coming up the outside lane and trying to squeeze in and the idiots in front of me were letting them. I've got no problem with traffic merging when they see the 'lane closed' signs, of course I'll let people in when the big arrow on the overhead signs is flashing but when the red cross is up? Fuck off. You've had plenty warnings to get in lane before that appears and by doing what you are in a pathetic attempt to get there just that little bit quicker, you're actually slowing traffic up. Don't you see that? The reason there's such a tailback is because of arseholes like you.

Last night on the way home the guy two cars in front of me pulled out after the flashy arrow and sat straddling the lanes so noone could roar past him and squeeze in at the last minute. I was cheering that guy on all the way.

These works are ongoing for 12 weeks, and once they're done, it'll start all over again at the next set of slip roads. Yesterday it wasn't too bad because people were taking other routes where they could, so why not do that this morning if they had a choice? I don't. Not without adding an hour to my journey and driving up the coastal roads which usually end up shutting at least once a month in winter anyway (oh, and then there's using a toll bridges to get to this side of the River Clyde if I go that way).

I am very definitely suffering fron road rage today.

....and Monkey has just walked into the office wearing the campest t-shirt I have ever seen! Oh my god. Seriously!
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