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Plot bunny

For my own reference - I'm currently being attacked by a plot bunny which'll pick up right at the end of OMWF. Based around these lyrics.

Artist: Gun
Track: One Reason
Album: Swagger

I was thinking 'bout the time
We were young, swimming against the tide
Was I blind 'cause all I saw
Was the future in your eyes
Now those days are over and nothing's as it seems
Reality has changed our lives
And taken away our dreams

I was talking to myself
Lying that thing's would work out right
Make your choice sink or swim
In the river of life tonight
'Cause all I need to feel right now is rain against my skin
I've been waiting in the Desert for my ship to come in

So give me one reason why we're not together
If I had one reason I would feel so much better
I guess that you're leaving has left me with nothing
I was touched by your honesty but now I'm forgotten

Now I'm living in a daze
Trying hard to laugh in the face of love
When we're born we learn to live
With what we can't rise above
Cars go by, days drag on
It's like some kind of gravity that's pulling me under

So give me one reason why you're screaming in silence
Just give me one reason why the whole world is laughing
And now we're together, liars and lovers
I was shocked by the things you said but now I've recovered

I'm doing fine without you
Let all this guilt be on your head
Never thought I would see you go
Never thought you could go so low
When you're down at the bottom
There's really only one way left
Just the memory of what you never had

So give me one reason, welcome to Heaven
Why don't you start believing life is forever
I guess that fate told me you were there for the taking
All you get is one chance in life and then you're forgotten

So give me one reason, why you're right out of fashion
And now your heart is calling for what I have to offer
And there is no denying that you have something so special
But you threw it back in my face
And now you're forgotten

I've had enough and I heard you say life is forever
I've had enough I'm walking
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